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Ali Fedotowsky Manno: Bachelorette Turned Blogger

Ali Fedotowsky Manno is known as a reality TV sweetheart, having earned fans around the world with starring roles on Season 14 of The Bachelor and Season Six of The Bachelorette. In the almost decade since she appeared on these shows, she says they’ve changed with the rise in popularity of social media. “At this point, the show makes you such an instant Instagram celebrity that it makes it hard for people to go on the show for the...

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The Press Pause Project: CBD Products Created By Women, For Women

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about CBD—aka Cannabidiol, or one of the chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Health benefits being discussed for products infused with CBD include reducing anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia—without the psychotropic effects associated with smoking marijuana. Recently, we heard about The Press Pause Project, a line of CBD rich products made for and by women. Their mantra—asking...

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How to Organize the Kitchen Pantry of Your Dreams

Pantry organization isn’t a glamorous task, but it can be extremely satisfying. Picture it: All your spices perfectly positioned on a lazy Susan so their labels are legible, dry goods displayed in clear glass containers with beautiful labeling, and all your cooking oils within easy reach. This type of order can save you time—and what mom doesn’t want that? But if your reality is more like ours—canned goods all askew, sticky bottles of...

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A New Subscription Service Gets Personal

These days, you can get subscriptions sent to your home for everything from steaks to flowers. And naturally, we’re all about them—because what mom doesn’t have a soft spot for something that helps eliminate one more errand on a never-ending list? That’s why we wanted to share Kali, which sends women customized boxes of organic “period boxes”. We love the beautiful packaging (these definitely don’t have to be hidden...

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5 Pieces Every Mom Needs in Her Closet

Kristin Koch, the executive director of Seventeen magazine and blogger behind Closetful of Clothes is, like all of us, a busy mom who still wants to feel put together. “I often get asked for my mom wardrobe essentials—the tried and true items that I can wear to chase around our son and dog and still feel presentable for a play date, playground run-in, or lunch meeting,” says Kristin. The thing that might surprise you? She...

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Bathroom Remodel Checklist from Homesquare!

If you have a bathroom in need of remodeling you might be cringing at the thought of how long the work can take, the expense and the return on investment. Fortunately, with proper pre-planning, and making sure you have decisions made in advance and materials on hand when you need them, you can do your part to prevent any unseen delays. Although you never know what you might uncover when you open closed walls, (especially in older...

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