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Very often, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues can be easily missed; hidden behind air blown by your home’s heating and air conditioning system and the smell of air fresheners. Because most homeowners do not see the potential issues, it is easy to dismiss that problems may exist. Although the most recent events of COVID have made IAQ discussions more prevalent, dust, mold, and chemical pollutants can also adversely affect air quality.


A mix of practical low-cost adjustments as well as advanced technology solutions can help reach the goal of increasing indoor air quality and creating a long-term sustainable indoor environment. 


Encon can help you review the four main concepts to establish a comprehensive strategy for your home: Filtration, Ventilation, Humidity and Supplemental Air Cleaning Technology. 

Addressing Filtration 

Upgrading filters can enhance the cleanliness of the air in your home by increasing the density of the filter media to capture additional airborne particulates. 


Diluting all indoor contaminants through fresh air exchange

Residential homes are not required to bring in outside air however many new “tight home” construction practices do not allow for natural ventilation to occur.  Ventilation is a good way to dilute indoor air contaminants.  Installing Energy Recovery Ventilators is a good practice to ensure homes have a fresh-air exchange that can dilute indoor air contaminants.


Maintaining Appropriate Levels of Humidity 

A significant amount of research over the years has shown that when humidification/dehumidification systems are able to maintain the indoor relative humidity between 40%-60% that it improves immunity against respiratory infections and discourages the transmission of certain airborne infectious organisms. Adding humidification to existing homes can be challenging if the envelope is not properly constructed because improper levels of insulation or humidification controls can lead to condensation buildup on surfaces, which can then lead to mold growth. Despite these risks, humidification needs to be addressed because of its proven ability to increase the health/comfort of the homeowners.


Leveraging Supplemental Air Cleaning Technologies 

Needlepoint bipolar ionization (BPI) and ultra-violet lights (UV-C). Both are proven technologies delivering clean indoor air that is safe and healthy, albeit in different fashions. BPI technology purifies the air by releasing ions into the airstream to eliminate airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens. In contrast, UV-C units treat the air stream and disinfects the air that comes in direct contact with the bulb. 


Contact Encon at 203-375-5228 to have a consultation on your Indoor Air Quality and ensure there are no household health and safety concerns.

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