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In 2011, founder Caryn Antonini set out to develop an early language learning system unlike anything on the market and her hard work, dedication and research led to the creation of the Early Lingo Learning System. The easy-to-use tools make language learning so fun and useful, it’s truly child’s play. A mom of two boys in New Canaan, we asked Caryn a few questions about Early Lingo and how best to get your child started with a foreign language.


Tell us about Early Lingo and what inspired you to start the company…  


Growing up, I was always fascinated with languages and wanted to learn but there were only products for adults on the market. I started Early Lingo because I wanted to create a language program for kids that would be fun, easy and entertaining – a way they could learn through play. It is something I would have loved as a child. I couldn’t find anything on the market so produced my own program.


Is there an ideal age to start teaching children a foreign language?  


Ideally, you want to start language learning in infancy. Even if it means playing videos or music in the background for a baby, they will start to absorb the sounds they hear in their everyday environment. Children will not confuse languages. They will mix languages, which is completely normal, but around the age of 3, they will start sorting them out.


What is the best way to decide which language to learn?


The best way to decide which language to learn is to pick the language to which your child will have the most exposure. So, for instance, if you know that your child will have the opportunity to practice with speakers of that language or will study the language in school, then perhaps that language makes the most sense. However, that being said, learning a language is about commitment. A child can learn any language and there are plenty of ways to do so. There are even language instructors available online via Skype, FaceTime, etc.


Any tips for helping children with remote learning?


If your child needs help with remote learning in a language, you might consider one of the Early Lingo apps, depending on your child’s age, as repetition is the key to learning a language. (As noted above) there are also language instructors available via Skype, FaceTime, etc. I have started Spanish Language Lessons for beginners on Early Lingo’s YouTube Channel to help parents while we’re all at home.

Tell us about the Early Lingo language App and how it can help students learn at home…


The Early Lingo Language Series App is a full curriculum that will compliment any existing language program. It includes all 6 of our full-length videos, lessons, games, flashcards, written tests and more. The program builds upon itself so the child must compete one lesson before advancing to the next. Your child should use the app at least 3-4 times a week to see good results. A child who is currently in a language class can use the app to keep existing skills sharp! 


What kinds of activities are you doing to keep your children engaged?  


My own children use the Early Lingo apps and help me with the language videos which keeps their skills sharp. Sometimes when we’re playing a game or making dinner, I will ask them to tell me the names of things in Spanish or Italian. A great tip for parents is to have your child speak the language just during dinner or to count things he/she sees in the kitchen, what colors are they? How many foods can you names? Etc. Don’t overwhelm your child, try to use the language in doses at first and make it fun – like a game! Children learn best through play. 


Tell us how we can access the Early Lingo App and the special discount you are offering to our readers? 


Our Apps are available on the App Store.  We have slashed prices to make our Apps affordable and accessible to all.  Early Lingo Language Series App:  Was $45.99 now $2.99 Jojo’s World:  Was $2.99 now .99 cents.

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