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We love Spring for so many reasons, but as the warmer weather comes out, we also start thinking about ticks and Lyme disease. The good news is that there are easy steps you can take to prevent Lyme disease. Below, Eugene Shapiro, MD, a Yale Medicine pediatric infectious disease specialist and vice chair of research, Yale School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, provides some great tips. We’re also sharing how our partner Mosquito Squad is helping local families with their innovative spray and tick tube options for your yard!

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Know that Timing Matters
Even if your child brings home a tick, Lyme disease infection isn’t instant or definite (because some ticks carry Lyme and some don’t). “Lyme disease is acquired from the bite of an infected deer tick that has been attached for 36-48 hours or longer,” says Dr. Shapiro. Minimizing the chance of a bite by removing a tick ASAP is crucial. On that note…

Wear Light Colored Clothing
You’ll be able to spot and remove a tick faster if you can spot it (and they’re very small!). “Wear long sleeved shirts and pants if possible and tuck pants into socks,” suggested Dr. Shapiro.

Use the Right Spray
“Permethrin (which kills ticks on contact) can be applied to clothing and insect repellent (with at least 30% DEET or with Picardin) can be applied periodically to exposed skin (but not hands and face, especially of children),” says Dr. Shapiro. Be extra careful with spraying kids in windy conditions or in a stroller, to keep it out of their eyes.

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Do a Thorough Tick Check
As soon as you come in from being outside, try your best to get your kids into their bath or shower. “Do a total body tick check and remove any ticks that are found,” says Dr. Shapiro.

 If Bitten, Consult a Doctor
“If a tick is found that has been attached for 36 hours or longer and it is identified as a deer tick, consult a physician about the possibility of taking a single prophylactic dose of doxycycline to prevent Lyme disease,” says Dr. Shapiro. Your local Town Hall or Health Department may have a testing facility.

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Don’t Forget Your Pets
Ticks can be brought into a home on pets, so use tick repellent collars on cats and dogs and don’t allow them to sleep on beds of children, notes Dr. Shapiro. Some vets also recommend newer pills that can last longer—ask yours about the best option for your animal and family. In these tick-heavy months, be sure to bathe and inspect your pets regularly.

Pay Special Attention to your Lawn
Mosquito Squad offers two services to minimize ticks in your yard (and on your family!)—an all-natural spray, which kills ticks on contact, and tick tubes. This latter treatment is an additional option which entices mice to collect and deliver a tick controlling insecticide where ticks live. In addition, keeping your lawn cut short and free of debris like leaves can also help. We love Mosquito Squad’s commitment to exceptional customer service—if you have any issues, they’ll work to fix the problem, including free resprays if ticks are spotted.

To protect your lawn and family from ticks, go to and use code LOCALMOMS for $75 off a season of protection!

This story is sponsored by Mosquito Squad.

Note: Dr. Eugene Shapiro is not affiliated with Mosquito Squad.

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