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Meet Darien mom, Suse Kreibich, owner of the newly opened Darizen Spa & Wellness. Suse, who began her career in Brazil as an acupuncturist and massage therapist, uses an “integrative approach, offering a unique combination of Eastern and Western techniques.” Read about how she successfully changed her professional life in her 40’s, and what brought her to Darien.

About the Spa
Designed with attention to detail in mind, the Darizen Acupuncture and Spa is guided by the belief in the natural rhythm of the five elements, in addition to the philosophy of wabi-sabi. All treatments are organic, with ingredients from sustainable farms to create a natural and Biodynamic treatment. The techniques and products used during treatments are designed to meet each client’s individual needs.

1. How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have one smart and kind seven year old daughter.

2. What brought you and your family to town?

I love the restaurants and coffee shops, the local boutiques stores, Cherry Lawn Park, and  Weed Beach. The quality of life,  amazing schools, and beautiful people that live here are what brought us to town.

3. What’s your favorite aspect about being part of the community?

Darien is a welcoming and inclusive community. I have always felt comfortable and accepted in this community. Another one of my favorite parts of Darien is how everybody comes together to discuss, engage, inspire and promote high quality of life in this town.

4. What’s your favorite family activity to do in the area?

We love watching the sunset at Weed Beach.

5. Can you please tell us a bit about your path to opening Darizen Spa & Wellness?

As Nhat Hanh said, thanks to impermanence, everything is possible. I have had a few restarts in life. I started as a science teacher and as a micropaleontologist. Then, after an episode of life and death, I changed my whole life to become an acupuncturist back in Brazil. After that, I moved to the US and learned a new culture and language while redoing my education and becoming a mom.

Finally, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, and now I am finally starting my business! Redoing my whole professional life in my forties in a different country wasn’t easy, but I had the confidence to celebrate small victories and achieve my goals. Meditation has also taught me to be kind to myself and to practice positive self-talk.

6. We understand you offer many services including acupuncture, massage and skincare. Can you share more about your spa and wellness experiences?

I planned Darizen to be a place where you can heal, relax and be pampered all at the same time.I see one patient at a time, and the spa experience is exclusive to that one customer.

Upon arrival at the spa, my patient can select a single or a blend of aromas to create a personalized treatment. After receiving the treatment, my patient will slip in a cozy robe and continue their journey in an aromatherapy/chromotherapy steam shower bath. I also provide a massage in my facial treatments. My goal is to help my patient to unwind, let go of stress, and tension while uplifting their minds.

I proudly offer cruelty-free and organic products in all my treatments.

7. By integrating both Eastern and Western techniques, how does your belief in the natural rhythm of the five elements and the philosophy of wabi-sabi influence these services?

When I opened Darizen, I planned it to be a  place based on the Wabi-sabi philosophy . A place where we could find beauty in the imperfection and the impermanence of life.

Sometimes healing is not a gentle journey. It takes courage, strength, and commitment.  I believe we are beautiful organic beings that shift and move in non-linear ways, and because of that our bodies need different therapies to heal.

Since I hold three licenses, I combine therapies to provide excellent and well-rounded care to all my patients. I am committed to offer everything I have learned to help my patient in their healing journey. Sometimes, healing is terrifying and painful but it can also be beautiful. The painful, inflamed or damaged area can be treated with a wide range of therapies like massage, hot stone, cupping, acupuncture, acupressure, balms, heat lamp, electroacupuncture, ear seed etc.

I have an integrative approach, offering a unique combination of Eastern and Western techniques. My therapies include careful listening to address my patients needs, and ushering their bodies toward healing and internal calm and fluidity.

8. For those new to acupuncture, what can someone expect during their treatment?

First, acupuncture needles are really small. Also, I use seirin japanese needles that are synonyms for a gentle treatment.

Second, the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that I can offer a treatment plan that is unique to every individual. I am always trying to look for the big picture of what else is going on with their health or what could have started the health issues.

Third, the needles don’t just go where you have pain. In fact, they can often treat symptoms by using distal points to clear stagnation and blockages resulting in gentle treatment.

Fourth, after the acupuncture session my patient will receive  30 to 40 minutes of massage and ear seeds treatment.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from another mom?

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

10. How do you unwind when you need some “me time?”

I meditate, receive massage and acupuncture weekly, and surround myself with good friends.

11. Anything to add? Feel free to add whatever you want the readers to know!

Yes! Darizen offers a 30% discount in Acupuncture and Massage Treatments to Darien Public School Teachers, Darien Police Officers, Darien Firefighters, Darien Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics and Darien Town Hall Employees.

If you live or work in Darien, and are in pain and cannot afford our rates, please reach out and we will try our best to accommodate you. Send us an email at [email protected] As our business grows, we look forward to expanding this offer to our neighboring towns in the future.


We love supporting local businesses. Favorite places in town (or near town) to…

Have dinner with/without kids:  Louie’s Italian Restaurant

Grab a drink with friends: Tablao SoNo

Have a date night: Restaurant L’Ostal

Spend time together as a family indoors/outdoors: Darien Weed Beach

Shop for yourself/shop for your kids: Darien Sport Shop

Spa/salon (or anywhere you go to treat yourself): Le Boudoir Dry Bar Darien

Grab coffee: SoNo Bakery at Darien

Any hidden treasures or other favorites you want to share?  Sweat Central Yoga in Darien my new favorite place to practice yin yoga

A place to be belong, to be heard, and to be healed
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