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Meet Aimee Elsner, our latest Meet a Mom and the yogi behind Connecticut Power Yoga. She and her husband Tim opened their first studio three years ago in Stamford. Just in time for the holidays, Connecticut Power Yoga opens this month in New Canaan. This Stamford-based mom has two kids, Wyatt (13) and Nate (11), plus a “fur pup” named Brewster (2). A former Occupational Therapist, Aimee loves how yoga combines so many things that are in line with being an OT. Read more about Aimee to find out how she “disrupts the drift” and learn all her favorite places in town. 


How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Wyatt (13) and Nate (11) , Fur Pup Brewster (2)

When did you move to Stamford from NYC and what brought you to the ‘burbs?  


We moved 11 years ago from NYC, because our one-bedroom apartment was getting small for the four of us. Stamford was a good distance from NYC and being that I was from Long Island and Tim was from New Jersey, Connecticut felt right to start our family.


What inspired you to switch careers from Occupational Therapy to start CT Power Yoga? 


Well, I am and always will be an Occupational Therapist at heart AND yoga combines so many things that are in line with being an OT.  Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, had bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I found yoga shortly after that and then Baptiste Power Yoga.  Feeling disconnected from my body and life was apparent during this time, and Baptiste Power Yoga gave me the tools to reconnect with my body and community. It only made sense for us to open a studio after that and share it with our home community.

How did you decide on New Canaan for your second CT Power Yoga location? 

New Canaan is such an amazing town, and we have a few yogis who visit our studio in Stamford. When my realtor told me about this space and we saw it, we felt connected.

Do your kids do yoga too? 

My younger son will come to classes occasionally. What I discovered most of all is I can connect better with my children, and I see how the breathing I was taught really works for them as well. So, they may not do the physical asana practice daily, but they sure know how to take a deep breath!

Is this the first time you and your husband have opened a business together?

We opened CTPY Stamford three years ago and since he is a Software Developer and I am an OT, our roles organically happened. We both teach and are both passionate about the methodology behind the yoga. It has given us tools for an amazing relationship both at home and at work.

What’s your favorite family activity in town? 

We are exploring New Canaan AND we discovered some great places to eat, so between Organika, Green and Tonic and the New Canaan Diner we are feeling full! We also love to walk our dog at  Waveny Park.

How do you unwind when you need some “me time?”

I actually love practicing at the studio, and it has taken some time to let go of the logistics of the business. My yoga teachers are great and I can get my me time on my mat. I also love junky TV so lying on the couch watching NCIS helps me disconnect from the world.

Any words to live by? 

BE HERE NOW—it’s so easy to get distracted by the past and the future so I am trying to stay present to the moments happing right now.

Do you have any hidden talents? 

I am a great multi-tasker. Other than that, I think my brain is always on fire, so I can’t think of one thing that stands out.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?

My best friend told me when my children were young, “It doesn’t get easier just different” and she was right!  Followed with “Just go out and do things even with young children.” We always took our kids everywhere and they have adapted well to our crazy life! 

Favorite band, book, tv show, yoga pose…

Favorite band is Antigone Rising, book is Brene Brown’s “Daring to Lead” and yoga pose is child’s pose—because this is where we start in the practice and I know the pose is going to clear me out.

Tell us more about the Baptiste Power Yoga method… 

Baptiste Yoga exists to disrupt the drift. People, myself included, are just going on and on and on and life is just passing by. Baptiste Yoga gets you out of your comfort zone, through the use of heat you get into your body. Through the physical practice, it opens you up to see the why you are doing what you are doing. We use mediation, asana and self-inquiry to lead you on a journey that may take you on a different path than you originally thought. The Practice is for every-BODY—people get afraid of the heat, but our heat is radiant so it’s great for your body inside and out.  The practice is a vinyasa flow and our teachers can modify it to fit to you.

We love supporting local businesses. Favorite places in Stamford or nearby to…


Have dinner with/without kids: TEFF in Stamford


Grab a drink with friends:  We don’t drink much so I would say Turning Point for some coffee or tea (well and now they have Wine at night!)


Have a date night: Mexicue at Harbor Point during the Spring and Summer


Spend time together as a family indoors/outdoors:  Beta Rocks Climbing in Stamford


Shop for yourself/shop for your kids: ONLINE, although now I have discovered J CREW in New Canaan


Spa/Salon: La Jolie in Stamford

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