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Meet Ginger Drysdale, the stylish Rowayton mom behind Classic Prep Childrenswear. Using her background in the New York City fashion world—and her mother’s instinct—she believes in “toying with tradition to produce a fresh take on timeless classics.” Her CPC line is known for Fair Isle sweaters, limited-edition prints, bubble rompers and cords with seasonal embroidery
for babies, toddlers or tweens. Find out more about this Greenwich native…


1) Why did you start Classic Prep Childrenswear?

CPC was actually started as a small brand by three moms on the Main Line about eight years ago. A little over four years ago, they decided to sell the company and Josh and I took over and evolved it into Classic Prep. Over the years, we’ve expanded the line to what it is today. Fun fact: not many people know that CPC was actually the first initials of each of the mom’s first
child’s names.

2) What do you love about your job and running your own company?

There is something incredibly liberating—and at the same time terrifying—about owning your own company! As a mom, I feel incredibly lucky to have a flexible schedule for my daughter, Piper, who is five and a Kindergartener at Greenwich Country Day. I have the luxury of drop-offs and pick-ups and everything in between. I do also have the added pressure of being the Boss
and the stress that comes with that too! There are some days I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and how I’m going to make it through the day balancing everything!! 

3) What brought you and your family to Rowayton?

Josh and I decided to move out of the city and to Rowayton when we bought CPC in 2015. I grew up in Greenwich and knew people from Rowayton. I fell in love with the town over the years and knew it was the place for us. Honestly, in my opinion, the town is a hidden gem and is almost like living in a storybook. You can ride your bikes everywhere, and we have the cutest
beaches, restaurants, market, and not to mention—amazing families. 

4) How would you describe CPC’s aesthetic?

I am inspired everywhere I turn in CT and in New England for that matter. CPC has a very traditional, classic look and I take inspiration from family photos of years past and the current styles I see on children while working and traveling. I love incorporating the new and the old: adding a beautiful detail to a style that has been worn by generations of girls and boys to make it stand out and have a fresh look. 

5) What are Classic Prep’s must-have Fall fashion staples?

Definitely our sweaters! I feel like I may say this every season but this year we have really knocked it out of the park with our Intarsia and Fair Isles! Our embroideries are also very special every year, and of course the Christmas print and Tartans that will be out mid-October!

6) Who is your style inspiration?

I can without a doubt single out Jackie Kennedy Onassis as my style and fashion icon. That woman was TIMELESS. 

7) What’s your favorite family activity in Rowayton?

I have to be honest when it comes to “activities” around town. I don’t have that much time to do the things I wish I could. So when there is that free day, I LOVE to spend it on our sailboat or at Bayley Beach. It’s absolutely the best!

8) How do you unwind for “me time?”

One of my favorite things to do to really unwind is cook. It may be weird to some of you, but I don’t get to do it the way I want to everyday and I wish I could create something AMAZING every night for friends and family. Anyone who knows me knows that I love hosting parties and having people over for drinks and dinner. I come from a serious lineage of amazing party hostesses! My mom is a trained chef, and I have learned everything I know from her. My happiest place is sitting around with friends laughing, eating and throwing back a few to unwind!

9) Favorite TV shows, author, music…

I have too many TV shows to name as favorites, so I will just leave it at I love any comedies that I can re-watch on Netflix. One of my favorite all-time authors is David Sedaris. He has the best dry sense of humor I have come across. It translates to paper so well, and I have been obsessed with him for years. Music is something that I love as well and have a VERY eclectic vibe. I’ve
been listening to Otis Redding the entire time I have been writing this. 

10) Best vacation spots….

So hard to choose! I have to go with Nantucket as my summer favorite with Maine as a close second. For tropical I have to say the BVI’s, and of course, Hawaii where I used to live!

11)  Do you have any mottos?

The words that I truly live by are ALWAYS trust your gut. I am never wrong when it comes to my first initial thoughts or impressions.

12)  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?

Never compare your baby’s milestones with any other child. We all get to where we need to be eventually!

Favorite spots in Rowayton…

Obviously, you know I am going to say Rowayton Seafood because, well, it's awesome and basically across the street from my house. I have turned it into sort of a clubhouse for myself! It’s pretty great. Sails is my absolute favorite go-to for family dinners or just a perfect adult dinner. They never miss.

I love going to Rowayton Market and sitting outside for lunch too. It’s just such a sweet little gem of a place that I feel so lucky to have!

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