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Welcome to your Meet a Mom Interview! 
Where are you from originally?
B: I’m a little bit of a mutt! I grew up in Manhattan on the Upper East Side (hence my never ending love of Chinese food) but during high school we moved down to New Orleans where my mom is from originally. Both places will always feel like home to me! 
M: I was born in San Francisco, but spent the formative years in Darien. Im still getting Blue Wave emojis sent to me during the Thanksgiving football game!
How long have you lived in New Canaan? How many kids and their age(s)?
B: We’ve lived here for about two years and have two kiddos, a boy who is 4.5 and a little lady who is 1.5. New Canaan is such a special place, there is just no better community to be a part of, I love watching our kids grow up here.
M: We moved here two years ago during that crazy winter with a bazillion feet of snow. My husband Brian and I have 3 children – Hemming (7), Kinley (5) and Kellan (2.5)
Favorite things to do with your kids in general or in town?
B: It sounds so simple but… milkshakes! Without a doubt they are our son’s favorite food (have you had the black & white from the Diner, out of this world!). Getting one in town then strolling together on a summer evening is honestly a favorite family moment for us. Can’t wait till it’s milkshake date weather again!
M: My kids would probably say building forts, going for bike rides into town, talking to Keera the eagle at the Nature Center, or getting chocolate milk and coloring pictures at Kaahve. My favorite thing might be filling in this great book we have called Q&A a Day for Kids at the dinner table it has space for three years of answers and we have had so many hysterical laughs reading the things theyve said from years prior.
What are your favorite events in New Canaan?
B: Well duh… the YWL Easter Egg Hunt!! Did we mention that we’re the two Co-Chairs this year? But actually I do have a special connection to it. Before we lived here, we came to the Easter Egg Hunt to visit friends, check out the town and see what a suburban Easter was all about. That day our family fell in love with the community here and moved to New Canaan very shortly after! I must say, all holidays are beautiful here – from the July 4th fireworks to donuts with Santa and of course May Fair to usher in Spring. I love how the whole town celebrates together, it’s magical!
M: The YWL Easter Egg Hunt and the Egg Stuffing Party of course! 😉 The snow is all going to melt into oblivion and its going to be an excellent day at Waveny on the 1st (or equally excellent at the High School, if not!) But seriously, this town has so many amazing things going on the 4th of July Fireworks, the Holiday Stroll, the Memorial Day parade, the Pop Up Park, the Circus I could go on and on!
One thing people would be surprised to know about you…
B: I was in a Pizza Hut commercial as a young child! That’s pretty surprising I guess? It was a local ad only, and I believe they paid me in pizza ha! I did also intern at the Supreme Court later in life, so some of my jobs have been a little more prestigious.
M: This is probably not a surprise to many who know me, but Im obsessed with finding the perfect pen to write with. My desk and kitchen junk drawer are literally stuffed with all different makes and models; right now Im loving my Pentel Fudenosuke (soft nib) and am going back to basics with the good ol Paper Mate Flair felt tips (in fun colors, of course).
What is one piece of advice you would pass along to other moms? What was the best advice your mom gave you?
B: Trust your instincts! I think when it comes to mom-life there is no right way, there is your way, there’s what works best for your kiddos and your family. Trust in yourself as their mom and you can’t really go wrong! As for the best advice my mom gave me, well hmm, this could take a while… she’s my best friend and we talk about 10 times a day, so that’s a lot of advice!
M: I think it would have to be that you are not alone, even if it feels like you are the only one going through some of the tough things that come along with motherhood. The support of both friends (and strangers) has helped me get through a ton. As for my mother, not sure if this was the BEST advice but the most-often-heard advice was you never know when you are going to be discovered. It sounds hilarious, but I think what she meant is that you should always try and put your best foot forward (or perhaps she really does think agents and producers are just lurking around every corner???)
What was your career before having children?
B: Fundraising for art institutions. My last stop before becoming a stay at home mom was with the Whitney Museum heading Corporate Development. I do miss being surrounded by all that beautiful art everyday, especially the Rothkos!
M: My last role was the Director of Marketing for a firm that specialized in raising capital for private equity and hedge funds. Working for a startup company (after years at a large one) taught me a lot about the dedication you need to build and run a business- kudos to all of you who have taken the leap!

For more information about the YWL Easter Egg Hunt, click here!

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