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Courtney Flynn
Jenn Moore
Where are you from originally?
I was born in California, and moved around quite a bit growing up.  My family moved to New Canaan when I was in fifth grade (West School), and then moved away after my sophomore year at NCHS.  When I went to college, my family returned to New Canaan, so it’s really nice now to have them in the area.
How long have you lived in New Canaan?
3 years
My husband and I moved here six years ago.
How many kids and their age(s)?
I have 3 little ones, ages 6, 5 and 3.
I have two kiddos, ages 6 and 4.
What is your local go-to store for children’s clothes? Shoes? Furniture? Etc.
Ella & Henry. Love their bows.
Athletic Shoe Factory for sneakers and cleats.
We love to go into Life Aquatic and check out all of the fish tanks! We got a goldfish from there for Christmas 1 ½ years ago, and the fish is very spoiled!  She has since upgraded from her little bowl to a much more spacious tank, with all the amenities!
What are your favorite events in New Canaan?
I love when they close the street in town- the Holiday Stroll, Sidewalk Sales, or any of the Pop-Up Parks.
Love Wednesday night Waveny summer time concerts!
I agree with Courtney!  We love the Holiday Stroll, Halloween Parade, Pop-Up Park—any time that the street is closed down!  We also love going to the Farmer’s Market and the Waveny Fireworks.
What are your favorite restaurants in New Canaan?
Farmers Table is our go-to date night place. We also love the food and atmosphere at Uncorked. Lately we’ve started to do more dinners with the whole family at Cherry Street. The kids are finally getting to the age where we don’t need to chase them around the restaurant! They inevitably convince us to hit Swirl on the way to the car.
Chef Luis is one of my favorites!  We went for the first time when he first opened and it was much smaller, and he came around and took time to talk with us and get to know us a bit.  Now that he has expanded, he still takes time to visit with tables and add a personal touch, which I think is so great.  And the food is delicious.  We also  love Gelatissimo!  Our favorite is when they occasionally have the arrancia (orange) flavor, which we mix with vanilla.  It is the best!
What is your favorite kid-friendly recipe?
Quesadillas since I can dress them up or down and everyone in my family eats them! That and brownies 🙂
Probably chicken cutlets.  I remember making them with my Grandma when I was little, and since they are a more grown up version of a chicken nugget (don’t tell Grandma I said that!), even the pickiest of our crew enjoys them!
Favorite hobbies?
I swam in college so whenever I’m looking to escape the chaos I try to get some laps in! Also, this past winter I picked up paddle. It has been a super fun way to stay active during the cold months and meet women from town. Lastly, you can’t beat a good book before bed!
We have a great neighborhood for walking and biking, so we have started doing a lot of family walks/bike rides.  The daily routine can get so busy, so some of my favorite time now is when we have no plans at all on a given day and we can all just hang out and relax together!  I also love photography.  I like having a creative outlet, so any craft projects are always welcomed!
How did Rad Lab come to be?
When we moved into our house we became great friends with the neighbors. Small world stuff- turns out my husband went to NC High School with the wife, Jenn Moore. Jenn and I have had tons of playdates with our 5 kiddos and while developing a great friendship we also launched a business together! We were both teachers before staying home (Jenn taught high school science and I taught elementary school), so Jenn and I founded RAD LAB, a program that teaches hands-on science to young children. The two of us began teaching our Rad Lab classes to 24 students at the Methodist Church in New Canaan, quickly hiring teachers and growing into the NC Elementary Schools. While New Canaan will always be our home base we have also grown into Greenwich and are currently putting the final touches on a collaboration with Chelsea Piers in Stamford! We are on a mission to foster a love of science and inquiry in all children, especially our youngest students.  Our fall registration info can be found at!

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