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Andra Newman & Family

Andra Winokur Newman and Betsy O’Reilly are two of the cofounders behind QuadJobs, a dynamic business that is changing the way busy people (including, yes, moms!) get the help they need. Launched just a few years ago, it is the #1 job creator for college students in the country!—and based right here in Greenwich. Here is a bit more about this amazing business and the moms behind it.


Can you share a bit about your family and life in Greewnich?
Andra Winokur Newman—I live in central Greenwich and have 3 children. Will (12), Winnie (10) and Mary (6). Fun fact I went to high school with Layla [Lisiewski of Greenwich Moms and The Local Moms Network]!

Betsy O’Reilly—I live in central Greenwich as well—and have two sons (Magnus 14) and (Will 13).


For anyone who is not familiar, how would you describe QuadJobs? 
Betsy:  QuadJobs is a marketplace that connects college students with on demand, flexible, part time jobs in the communities surrounding their campuses. Households and businesses alike use the QuadJobs website or App to hire students to do jobs ranging from babysitting and tutoring to party help, office help, personal organizing, furniture moving, website building, coaching…the list of jobs we see posted on the site is, literally, endless.  College students are the ultimate on-demand workforce—they are smart, energetic, have flexible schedules and are all in need of some extra cash!


Why did you decide to launch QuadJobs?
Andra:We were professional moms who realized that there were 30,000 college students in our greater community and there was no fast and easy way to connect and hire them! So we decided to build the solution that would digitize a behavior that has been happening for eternity. We have “AHA” moments everytime we see a job posted and then filled in a market where we are not officially launched. That never gets old!


Amazing! Your growth has been remarkable…
Betsy:   QuadJobs has 50,000 students using the site (and that number grows significantly every day!).  We have over 32,000 employers registered on the site.  We see a few thousand jobs posted on the site every month. We expect those numbers to double in the next 1-2 years as we steadily partner with more schools and launch more markets. We’re really proud of this growth but even more proud of the impact that QuadJobs has had on the lives of the students using it. They’ve been able to combat their student debt as well as build the networks and the skill sets needed to launch themselves into professional jobs after graduation. We constantly hear from students who tell us about meeting someone through a QuadJob that helped them to land their first professional job or from students who tell us that the money earned from QuadJobs has helped them stay in school. That impact is what keeps us going. 


Betsy O’Reilly & Family

Congratulations! Who is your typical client? 
Andra:Babysitting is our gateway job, i.e. Date nights and desperate moms looking for a night out. However, babysitting only accounts for 30% of our total jobs on the site. It is the unique postings on the site that have become more common such as male babysitters, tech help, coaching, tutoring, personal organizing and party help that are really driving the business. 


What local universities do most of your students attend?
Andra:We launched QuadJobs with partnerships with the University of Bridgeport, Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University. Now we have students represented from all local area colleges that include the above schools and Iona, Manhattanville, Purchase and many more!


What’s next for QuadJobs?
Betsy:  After focusing on marketing and outreach through the spring and summer months, QuadJobs launches new markets and new school partnerships every fall. This year those new launches are in Dallas, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania. We are also focusing on building on our success in existing markets where there is always more to do as we both support our school partnerships and reach out to potential new employers and students in those markets. Ultimately, we’d like to see QuadJobs available to students and employers nationwide. We are partially there with the recent launch of our “remote” jobs category but we still have incredible opportunity waiting for us in cities across the country.


How is QuadJobs part of a changing marketplace?
Betsy:  Thanks to services like Uber or Amazon, the expectation of consumers is that they should be able to connect with needed goods and services easily and efficiently —whether they are sitting at their desk or in a pickup line. This expectation certainly extends to the process of connecting with potential hires for ho
usehold or business help.  The idea of hiring a college student to help out has been around for as long as there have been college students in need of funds (ie forever). The idea of being able to connect with them in real time as well as to easily see reviews of their previous work, is what’s new. It’s part of the greater trend towards more efficient use of time and I believe that is here to stay. 


We love supporting local businesses…can you please share your favorite places to:

Go to dinner for date night – Betsy:L’Escale

Andra: I love a cold beer, so I tend to hit the local dive bars like Bruce Park Grill, Sam’s and the Polish Club.

Go to dinner with kids – Betsy:Little Beet Table

Andra:Doppio!Our office is around the corner so we often head there at the end of the day. 

Go for moms night out – Betsy:Anywhere my friends are  

Andra: Lilly’s Footcare in Mamaroneck. What mom doesn’t want a footrub! 

Grab coffee – Betsy: CFCF

Andra:I don’t drink coffee but I love the shrek smoothies at Granola Bar.

Go shopping – Betsy: Can I answer this with food shopping spots? I love the Fleisher’s/Fjord/Greenwich cheese shop lineup.

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