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Left to Right: Nutritionists Pam Byrne and Amy Kiser of Stay Healthy @Home.

Darien Moms and nutritionists, Pam Byrne and Amy Kiser co-founded the Stay Healthy @Home program in the beginning of the pandemic. Pam is a certified holistic nutritionist and Amy is a Board Certified holistic nutritionist. They created the 28-day online group program in April 2020 to help people maintain their pre-COVID health habits. Their unique difference is that they teach not only about nutrition that’s sustainable but they promote balance so people don’t feel deprived, you can drink alcohol and coffee—this is NOT the Whole 30! They also provide some one-on-one accountability support as well as group support. The best way to learn about the program is to visit the website HERE.


As summer approaches and you wipe off the Covid cobwebs, there are many small changes you can make to make sure you are feeling great in your skin by summer.

A few SH@H basics
80/20: This the attitude and lifestyle we teach our members. 80% of your diet should include whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods. The other 20% is saved for the weekend or special occasions and considered “fun” foods. The chips and margaritas shouldn’t derail your whole day or week, include it in your diet and balance it out with some fresh veggies and protein.  Enjoy the splurge and get back on track with your next meal. No guilt, no shame, just living life!

Crowding out versus cutting out
So many of our members have been on numerous popular diets. We work with a lot of people who have at one time (or currently) felt deprived while trying to achieve their health goals.  Deprivation is zero fun and nor is it effective. SH@H focuses on ALL the good foods we can add in our diet to crowd out all the junk food that is sabotaging us. Think grilled veggies, fresh fruits, healthy proteins, delicious grains, the list is endless. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by what you CAN’T have, because you can have A LOT. The mindset shift is everything.

Planning to succeed
True health and wellness doesn’t just happen overnight. You have to put in the effort, and you have to plan ahead. We teach our members that meal planning and prepping is critical. By having healthy choices available, you will be deterred from dipping into the lingering Easter candy (most of the time). When you meal plan for the week and have healthy snacks on hand at all times, you are setting yourself up for success. Going back to the 80/20 rule, fear not if you are not a planner! Aim to plan at least 3-5 days of your week and work from there. Life happens and not every day will go to plan, and that’s okay. It’s a learning curve. Be forewarned: being in control of your meals for a few days does becomes addicting!

Amy and Pam’s next program starts April 27th. Register on the website.

More about Pam and Amy
We met because we were both diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, which triggered a diet change. Food became medicine for us and that’s why we pursued careers in nutrition as well. We live just a few blocks from each other and have kids at MMS, and I also have one at DHS as well. And fun fact—many people mistake us for each other! (Probably because we’re amongst the brunette minority in Darien.)

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