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Mathew Barnett and Dr. Dani Mishaan founded SuiteTooth in 2019 with the goal of solving the biggest obstacle most patients have when it comes to going to the dentist – its inconvenient.  Visiting a dentist with a family can wreak havoc on your schedule. Covid-19 has made that situation even worse with long wait times and no waiting rooms at dentist offices.  SuiteTooth solves that problem by bringing the dentist to the patient, taking care of a families’ dental needs in a safer environment of their own homes.  We have the ability to set-up our mobile dental suite inside a home, outside, in a pergola or pool house.  SuiteTooth now offers bespoke at-home preventative dental care (cleanings, exams and x-rays) throughout New York City, Long Island, Westchester, the Hamptons and Connecticut. 

Why Did You Start Offering At-Home Services?

We both have large families (Mat has 4 kids and Dani has 3) and realized that taking our kids to the dentist during Covid (and even before) was going to be painful.  First, it would take the whole day given the required breaks between appointment times, and, with waiting rooms closed, we would have nowhere to wait.  Since we had already developed a successful mobile dentistry practice, bringing dental services to professionals at their workplace, extending it to the home, when everyone is home, seemed to be an obvious next step. 

In the best of times, coordinating dental visits for a family is not fun.  Covid-19 has increased that pain.  Dentists must now wait longer between patients to allow aerosols to settle, social distancing requirements limits seating in their waiting rooms, and just getting an appointment is more difficult because they have more limited schedules.  By bringing the dentists directly to you, we remove these inconveniences and risks, and enable families to enjoy their day, and parents get to get work done, while also taking care of their dental needs.  No more taking the day off from work to schlep the kids to the dentist!

What services are offered by SuiteTooth?

SuiteTooth basic services includes cleanings, exams, x-rays and sealants.  In addition, we offer cosmetic services such as whitenings.  All patient data is recorded on HIPAA compliant cloud-based software that can be accessed at anytime by the patient.  If follow up care is needed, SuiteTooth can connect patients to the right dental specialists.  We also offer teledental services, and all families that utilize SuiteTooth for at-home visits automatically have access to our Teledental practice.  

How does it work?

The SuiteTooth process is simple.  We simply require access to electricity and wifi and a bathroom. Our set up process takes about 20 minutes at the beginning of our visit and we bring all necessary materials and protective mats to transform the space into a luxurious dental facility.  Patients can listen to music on our noise-cancelling headphones or watch some television while relaxing to the smell of our stress relief candles. Each appointment lasts about 30 minutes. We have worked outdoors, in kitchens, living rooms and pool houses. Our younger patients jump from the pool or swing set into our our dental chair and 30 minutes later are back at their daily activity.  

SuiteTooth’s technology simplifies the booking process.  Patients contact SuiteTooth through our website.  We schedule a date and pre-check your insurance to confirm coverage.  Once confirmed, we will send you a link to register with our app, enter all the required patient information and complete a series of online forms.  On visit day, SuiteTooth performs its service.  The x-rays and any treatment plan from your appointment will be available on our app to follow up with your existing dentist or one that we refer you to. 

Who are the doctors and do I sacrifice anything by utilizing SuiteTooth?

SuiteTooth works in conjunction with Midtown Dental Group, MDG operates in 3 offices throughout New York City with 16 dental professionals and completes over 10,000 procedures per year.  The ability to leverage such a large practice that understands the quality of care expected by discerning patients is an advantage of SuiteTooth.  MDG’s practitioners have graduated from elite dental programs and have experience working with children, adults and the elderly.  

Not to sound squeamish, but is it icky?

Not at all.  We have perfected the ability to transform any area to a luxurious dental facility aimed at creating a soothing environment for patients.  The testimonials from patients who routinely cite us as their best dental visit ever and highlight the unique and comforting experience confirm our beliefs.  Given the New York City based practice of our practitioners, we fully understand and strive to meet the quality of care levels and expectations of our relocated New York City residents.  Additionally, being able to utilize the service at-home, in your pool house and, depending on the weather, outside allows families to continue enjoying their day, while taking care of their dental needs.  For some, our visits become a neat family event during this stay-at-home period.  Patients don’t even need to put their shoes on during treatment.

The ability to interact with just one person during this period logically reduces Covid exposure and SuiteTooth constantly screens its practitioners.  Because we are not doing any complicated procedures and our units are self-contained, there are limited aerosols.  We protect all areas that require coverage. All equipment is sanitized between patients and patient touching equipment is sterilized at MDG’s offices.  When we leave, you will not know that we were there aside from a set of much cleaner and healthier teeth.

This all sounds great, but it must be expensive?

SuiteTooth accepts most PPO insurance and processes the charges directly for the clients.  In the vast majority of cases, all of SuiteTooth’s preventative care charges are covered by insurance.  Some cosmetic procedures, such as whitenings, are not covered by insurance and are an out-of-pocket expense.  For clients, without insurance our rates are surprisingly affordable.  

What is the SuiteTooth Give Back Program?

The lack of dental care in impoverished areas is one of the leading causes of health issues.  SuiteTooth seeks to its part in combatting this issue.  SuiteTooth partners with local charities to offer preventative dental care to a number of charities throughout New York City.  SuiteTooth’s commitment is easily tracked as we are committed to providing 1 charity visit for every 20 patient visits.   We are always looking for more charities to work with and welcome introductions from our clients.

How Do I Schedule?

Simply contact us at or email us at [email protected] to book your appointment.

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