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turkeyStewart’s has the best selection of premium fresh turkeys ready for order from our butchers. Our butchers are here to assist you –from picking the perfect size and type of bird to providing you with down-to-the-minute cooking instructions. As a rule of thumb we recommend 1.5 lbs per person and 2 lbs per person for ample leftovers. Our fresh turkey selection for special order:


Gozzi All Natural
(Size range: 8 – 28 lbs, 4 lbs increments)
Famous Gozzi ‘whites’ from Gozzi’s Turkey Farms in Guilford, CT are either raised on their Guilford farm or in Iowa using their own special breed grown according to their specifications. These turkeys are raised in enormous barns where they can roam while remaining safe from coyotes and wolves. Raised on corn and grain, the turkeys receive no hormones or antibiotics.


Bell & Evans All Natural
(Size range: 10 – 28 lbs)
These all natural turkeys are bred Pennsylvania Dutch Country to grow slower, resulting in a tender, moist, richer flavor. Bell & Evans turkeys are selectively bred to produce an extremely broad breast with up to 54 percent more white meat than other brands. Confirmed to be “Lite” by the USDA, Bell & Evans turkeys have 55 percent less fat and 25 percent fewer calories than other turkeys.
Bell & Evan’s Turkey Breast also available for special order.


Mary Pitman’s Free-Range Organic
(Size range: 12 – 24 lbs)
Mary’s free-range organic turkeys are fed a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators. Grown on third generation family-owned Pitman ranch in sunny California and fed a certified organic high protein diet complete with the finest grains and vegetable proteins. You won’t find any antibiotics, animal by-products, preservatives or hormones in a Mary’s free-range organic turkey.
Mary Pitman’s Organic Turkey Breast also available for special order.


D’Artagnan Organic
(Size range: 12 – 16 lbs)
100% organic white broad-breasted hybrid breed turkeys from Pennsylvania. The exceptional flavor of this organic turkey is the result of meticulous farming and breeding practices that are better for the birds, better for the environment and better for your family. With no antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals in the process, these turkeys are healthier and tastier than the average bird.


Mary Pitman’s Free Range Heritage
(Size range: 8 – 12 lbs)
Grown on third generation family-owned Pitman ranch in sunny California, Mary’s free-range all natural authentic Heritage breed turkeys have a richly flavored meat, succulent and juicy, and they are naturally well proportioned, which means they have a larger quantity of flavorful dark meat. The meat has a uniquely firm texture. The excellent flavor of the authentic Heritage turkeys is a result of their lifestyle: they roam in the fresh air outside and are fed a high protein diet. They can fly and breed naturally. The result is a lean and tasty turkey – all natural and naturally delicious.

We will also have Butterball frozen turkeys in our frozen foods case.


Place your fresh turkey orders today with our butchers, stop in or call 203.966.4848 x.107


Dull Knives? Sharpening at Walter Stewart’s Market Walter Stewart’s Market will help you prepare for the holidays with Daily Knife Sharpening from now until Nov 22nd. Bring your knives (and scissors) to Walter Stewart’s by 10 am and they will be professionally sharpened and ready for pickup the following day. Cost is $5 per knife any size. Professional knife sharpening provided by The Wire Whisk. Regular sharpening schedule is Tue and Thur with 24 hour turnaround.

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