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No that is not me…nor is that my husband, but they have beautiful smiles which is what I’ve set out to obtain.
I think it’s safe to say that most of us had braces during our lovely adolescence years. I remember mine well. As if I needed to draw any more attention my way during these awkward years, I used to color coordinate my brace rubber bands with whatever holiday was coming up. The yellow/orange combo for Thanksgiving was especially charming 🙄 (I cringe). After about a year and a half, I traded in my metal braces for a clear retainer w/ red glitter hearts because why wouldn’t I choose that?? I used to wear my retainers every night, then once in a while, and then not at all…until I felt like my teeth were really shifting at which point I attempted to force the retainers on (painfully) and shift my teeth back into place overnight. Unfortunately, that process doesn’t actually work!
Fast forward about 20+ years and my bottom teeth are crossing and my bite has been off ever since falling asleep on the floor the night we brought our 1st born home. My jaw was locked and I’ve had problems ever since. This past fall I decided I needed to fix my smile and bite. My dentist, Dr. Harbottle had been recommending Invisalign for me and once I found out that my insurance would cover most of it, I was ready to take the leap! If you too have been considering it, below are some of my findings…I’m about a month away from getting them removed and so far I really like what I see, it’s pretty amazing!

  • The coolest part about this technology is that your dentist can show you on the computer exactly where your smile starts and where it’s going to finish. It’s really mind blowing and comforting to know your end result before you start.


  • No, they are not really invisible, but they are not glaring. You do however develop a slight lisp. “Nice serve, Sally” was what I was saying the first time I really noticed it. Don’t worry, your loved ones and close friends get used to it and so do you.


  • If you are out for dinner and don’t feel like popping them off and on and excusing yourself from the table..earmuffs, Dr. Harbottle…you will still stay on track. It’s not the end of the Invisalign world if you shave a couple additional hours off  the suggested 22 hours/day. Have I mentioned this is NOT an Invisalign sponsored post? They would certainly not agree, but let’s be realistic here.


  • You will brush your teeth a lot more and need to clean the aligners often. It’s nice that you get fresh ones every couple of weeks.


  • If you are one for manicures, definitely switch to gel while you have the aligners. They sometimes require a good swift pull with your fingernails to remove.


  • They don’t hurt nearly as much as the glorious metal braces from the 20th century. Every time you change to your new aligners the fit is tight at first, but not painful. A couple of times, the inside of my upper lip was a little sore for about 24hrs, but nothing crazy.


  • Some people say you will lose weight. For some this might be true, but this had not been my experience. I manage to eat plenty when they’re off. You will however sometimes not feel like taking them out to snack, which could help the waistline 😉


  • Now for the harsh stuff…coffee, tea and wine. 3 standards in most of my days. Pick me up, keep me going, and put me to bed. I have left my aligners in while having all of these things because much to my husbands chagrin, I’m a sipper and like to enjoy my drinks over a long period of time (not sure why it bothers him so much 🧐). It’s not ideal to have them in while having these drinks and they need a good scrub afterward, but it’s okay if you do. They clean easily with soap and water. Coffee and red wine are probably the worst.

Overall, the process was quick and easy and I totally recommend it! If you’re ready to take the plunge, Dr. Harbottle of New Canaan Dentistry offers $500 off Invisalign, a free consultation, whitening and retainer, you can see more details on our exclusive discounts page! He is a total perfectionist and you will be in great hands! He’s located in New Canaan on East Ave.

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