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Dawn Fable, cofounder of Press Pause

For many moms, sleep and motherhood can feel pretty incompatible. This phenomenon can start in late pregnancy, when you’re getting uncomfortable and waking up with insomnia. The newborn stage, of course, is like kryptonite to restful sleep.  And anyone who has transitioned a toddler to a “big girl bed” knows that’s not exactly without hiccups. “Sadly, as my kids get older and (I do too) we’re now entering a time where our hormones are totally out of whack and that of course, impacts our sleep schedules. Add this crazy pandemic into the mix as well as the stress and anxiety of life in general and I think all of us wonder if we will ever get a good night sleep,” says Dawn Fable, cofounder of clean CBD brand Press Pause. Her answer? A definitive yes.  “I saw something the other day on social media that said ‘I don’t want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband,’ says Dawn, adding “That really resonated with me as I felt like there were so many unfair advantages that we as women were dealing with when it comes to sleep.”

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To help moms (including herself) get better sleep, Dawn and her team started to research how different cannabinoids played a part in sleep patterns. They found that CBN, a sister to CBD, can induce a sedative effect and prolong sleep times without you feeling groggy. Their research also showed that both contribute to pain relief, reducing inflammation and helping with anxiety (which also contributes to a more restful night sleep). Melatonin, a common sleep aid,  is the hormone naturally produced by the human brain to aid in falling asleep. “Together, these ingredients signal the brain that it’s nighttime, helping your body and mind relax to get the restorative night’s sleep we as Moms all deserve!” says Dawn. So she and our team created the new, innovative  Press Pause Sleep Tincture that combines these three star ingredients—CBD, CBN and Melatonin.

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            Sleep experts agree that these ingredients can help. “CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety, which can be helpful in reducing sleep difficulties and improving sleep quality. CBD may increase overall sleep amounts, and CBD has been shown to reduce insomnia in people who suffer from chronic pain,” notes  Michael Breus, Phd., a Clinical Psychologist and Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, as well as advisor to the Dr. Oz show. CBN, says Dr. Breus, is a sedative; early research in mice shows CBN can prolong sleep time but notes that the research is still developing. “I’m hopeful we’ll eventually see some additional scientific studies that explore the sleep-promoting capabilities of CBN,” notes Dr. Breus. He adds that Melatonin itself is not a sedative, although many people think it is. “It is a sleep regulator and a sleep facilitator, and a key hormone in maintaining the healthy functioning of circadian sleep-wake rhythms,” says Dr. Breus.

In addition to trying these next-generation sleep aids, Dr. Breus says tired moms should try to heed the basics when possible: stick to a regular sleep schedule, skip coffee after 2 pm, put down the glass of wine three hours before (your) bedtime, exercise earlier in the day rather than later, and get some morning sun to regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythms.

For more tips from Dr. Breus, click here.

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